Solitaire – 4Cs



Solitaire. Symbol of promise and everlasting love! Perhaps the most desired and timeless jewelry for a woman.

Solitaire ring in its majority consists of a single diamond. In rare cases it can be accompanied by smaller diamonds, but then the ring does not serve the timeless idea of “solitaire”.

Diamonds that are typically found in solitaire rings are brilliant. Brilliant cut has round shape and 57 facets. If you want to stand out or wear something that is unusual you may buy a diamond of princess cut (square), emerald cut (rectangular), classic oval or pear shape or choose from a variety of versions of these shapes. Any cutting plan you may choose, one thing is certain: it will be diamond.


In order to choose a diamond you should firstly find the jewelry shop that inspires you confidence. There you can quickly get to understand what you intend buy. Usually, in the internet only misinformation can be found.

The final shape of a diamond has many special features. Of these four are the ones that a buyer would understand better:

  • Cut
  • Carat weight
  • Color
  • Clarity

Cut is perhaps the most important feature of a diamond. If the diamond is not in the correct proportions, it will never be able to convey its charismatic glow.

The Carat weight of a diamond is the factor that makes the difference. The heavier, the bigger, the rarer it is.

Color (hue) is something that characterizes the nature of the diamond. The majority of diamonds are slightly yellow to brown. Rare diamonds are completely colorless.

How about Clarity? Diamond is product of high temperatures and pressures that occurred millions of years ago in the depths of the earth. It is therefore natural for a diamond to contain various impurities in crystalline form, demonstrating its naturalness. Diamonds that do not contain impurities are extremely rare, raising their price to unapproachable levels.

Hence, what counts when choosing a diamond is its rarity and how well the technician can handle its shape, so that the final result justifies diamond’s characterization, as the “King of Kings” of gemstones.

A visit to our jewelry shop will help you make the right selection, as we will analyze to you these 4 characteristics, as well as the other most important characteristics that determine the value and rarity of a diamond.