Ioannis Patilis: one name, one history…

Ioannis N. Patilis was born in Nafpaktos in 1947. Raised in a family of goldsmiths, he was taught from an early age the art of jewelry and commerce. After finishing his studies he decided to work in the “traditional” business and chose a sector that was new in the Greek jewelry market at that time: jewels with precious stones. Preferring wholesale, he travelled abroad in search for stones and ideas, and brought to Greece designs that were desirable not only to Greek consumer but also to American and European tourists of Greek islands. Soon, he became very popular among his colleague jewelers-customers for the quality of stones, the jewelry design, and his excellent cooperation with them. This cooperation lasted nearly three decades, with his base in Athens and a network extending to Florina and Alexandroupolis, Crete and Rhodes. It was a consistent relationship for the jewelry and the customer.

1993. A landmark year! Ioannis Patilis made a big step forward: He established his name in the retail business, by opening a privately owned store in the heart of Athens, at the pedestrian Voukourestiou street. In parallel operated the jewel laboratory and wholesale. Unique jewelry of high quality, crafted with care, was the recipe for success and constituted the springboard for strong friendships based on trust, a value which is essential in the jewelry business. Soon, Ioannis Patilis distinguished and was recognized as one of the most “specialized” jewelry stores in Voukourestiou street.

1999. Ioannis Patilis’ need for bigger spaces grew. Thus, the privately owned premises on the first floor became the headquarters, the showroom, and the private area. Since then, the customer can be served with comfort and tranquility, in order to make the optimum selection of the jewelry of his interest.

2003. Nicholas Patilis, Ioannis Patilis’ son, returned to Greece after completing his studies at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where he specialized in gemstone grading and identification, as well as jewelry design. He became responsible of the production and the optimal utilization of precious stones, ensuring that “jewel” is served in the most efficient way. Emphasis was put on the solitaire ring, solitaire pendant and solitaire diamond earrings, with excellent value for money. With a great number of designs that are constantly updated, every lady is ensured of the absolute uniqueness of her solitaire. Ioannis Patilis also introduced the possibility of stone upgrading, upon costumer’s request, as well as stone repurchasing.

2013. “Ioannis Patilis”, addressing the challenges of the new era with extroversion, cooperates with the most renowned brands abroad, offering gemstone jewelry of superior aesthetics and quality.